September 19, 2023

Profoto Pro-11: Beacon of Brilliance

In the luminous world of photography, where light is the paintbrush and the world the canvas, Profoto’s Pro-11 Flash stands as a beacon of brilliance. Pushing the envelope of what’s possible in studio flash technology, Profoto has yet again lit up the path for photographers worldwide. 

Quick as a wink and just as illuminating, the Pro-11 Flash has rewritten the rules of speed. Its unparalleled recycling times ensure you’re always ready for that next shot, capturing the ephemeral beauty of every fleeting moment. Say goodbye to missed opportunities and hello to picture-perfect timing!

No more grappling with unpredictable flashes. The Pro-11 guarantees the kind of consistency and precision photographers dream of, enabling them to create stunning images and capture the finest detail in its purest, clearest form. From its first flash to its last, the output remains impeccably steady, ensuring every photograph is a testament to perfection.

Photographers are artists, not technicians. Recognizing this, the Pro-11 comes equipped with an incredibly intuitive interface. The high-resolution clean and clear display and user-friendly controls ensure that even the most advanced features feel super-straightforward and intuitive. Buttons and dials are kept to the absolute minimum with three large, rubberized dials. As a result, changing settings is easy, even in the dark. Your focus remains where it should be – on capturing breathtaking images.

In addition to being the world’s fastest flash, the Profoto Pro-11 is the world’s most advanced flash thanks to Profoto’s proprietary AirX technology. In this era of connected devices, the integration of AirX technology means you can marry your smartphone or tablet to your flash system. And not only do you get industry-defining speed and power with a superior flash duration of up to 1/80,000s, you also get a flash with cutting-edge user experience that is always up to date with any type of camera, even the one in your smartphone. Via the Profoto apps, you’ll get real-time updates and upgrades, so your user experience will always be the latest, and you’ll have an overview of all your Profoto gear. So you can rest assured that you’ll experience seamless compatibility with both current and future cameras and Profoto products.

The Pro-11 isn’t a soloist; it’s an ensemble conductor. It enables you to combine its speed, power and control with multiple compatible flash heads and over 120 light shaping tools. With all this at your disposal, your creative possibilities are endless and your visions, however grand, are realized in full splendor. Be it softboxes, reflectors, or any other light manipulator, the Pro-11 harmonizes with them all, orchestrating a symphony of light.

Beyond its functional prowess, the Pro-11 is a thing of beauty. Its sleek and robust design not only ensures longevity but also stands as a testament to Profoto’s commitment to aesthetic excellence. Whether in a studio or on an adventurous outdoor shoot, the Pro-11 is both a workhorse and a showstopper.

The Profoto Pro-11 Flash isn’t just another tool in a photographer’s kit; it’s the crown jewel. As a harmonious blend of state-of-the-art technology and artistic sensibility, it promises not just photographs but masterpieces. In the hands of the inspired photographer, the Pro-11 doesn’t just capture moments; it immortalizes legends. Ready to light up your photographic journey? The Pro-11 awaits!

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