At Cineplanet, we recognize the importance of a skilled and cohesive crew in the filmmaking process. That’s why our crew members are bringing extensive practical experience and expertise into every project. With a focus on effective communication and meticulous detail, as well as high adaptability and teamwork orientation, our crew is ready to handle challenges and dynamic pace of filmmaking. We are proudly nurturing positive team dynamics, ensuring a smooth workflow that creates positive and productive working atmosphere on set. Understanding that filmmaking is an art that requires passion and dedication, we can ensure you that each and every member of our crew is not only proficient in their respective roles, but is also driven by a genuine enthusiasm for the craft. Collaboration with Cineplanet means effectivness, as our crew members are ready to adapt to any chellenge or deadline.

Camera Crew

    1st AC / Focus Puller
    2nd AC
    Camera Trainee
    Video Assist

Lighting Crew

    Best Boy
    Lighting Trainee
    Dimmer Board Operator

Grip Crew

    Key Grip
    Best Boy Grip
    Dolly Grip
    Company Grip
    Grip Trainee
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