June 13, 2024


gyro arm

Have you ever had an idea of creating an intense car chase scene, focusing on tires burning while drifting through a curve? Or perhaps envision a scene from centuries ago, capturing a rider leaning over a horse’s neck while galloping through a landscape? But, these scenes were complicated to shoot just the way you imagined.
Our newest addition, Gyro Arm by Gyro Motion, ensures that you can focus on your vision, knowing your new masterpiece can be shot without any hassle.

Gyro Arm features gyro stabilization for both axes, an optimum arm configuration of 4.5 m, high-torque brushless motors, programmable limits, automatic return to preset positions, a control panel with a touchscreen, a motor status indicator and overload protection, an emergency stop button for safety purposes, and a waterproof design. When paired with Gyro Motion Genesis, the Gyro Arm delivers the ultimate power of gyroscopic stabilization, making every frame crystal clear, steady, and smooth. The system offers 360° continuous pan, tilt, and roll control, along with a 60 kg payload and stabilization for lenses up to 600 mm.

The most critical component of this setup, however, is undoubtedly the skilled team operating it. We provide a seasoned and well-trained crew with extensive experience in film production.

When mounted on our Mercedes Benz 63ML AMG camera car with 525 horsepower, it pushes the limits of shooting dynamic action scenes.

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