September 19, 2023

Cooke S8/i FF Lenses: Pushing the Boundaries of Imagination

Cinema has always been a magical realm, where stories come alive and dreams turn into reality. The innovation that pumps life into these stories is none other than the indispensable tool of every filmmaker – the camera lens. Enter Cooke Optics, a long-time pioneer in the field of lens making, who has yet again set the bar higher with their latest line-up – the Cooke S8/i Full Frame (FF) lenses. 

The flagship Cooke S8/i FF high-speed lenses are available for rental at Cine Planet. We have in stock the complete lineup of 11 lenses: 18, 25, 27, 32, 35, 40, 50, 65, 75, 100 and 135mm T1.4.

In the world of cinematography, Cooke Optics is a name synonymous with cinematic quality, and their groundbreaking S8/i FF series of premium all-spherical lenses is a testament to their commitment to innovate and excel.

The S8/i FF lenses are a cut above the rest. Equipped with Cooke’s unique /i technology – which includes /i data focus and iris position, /i motion inertial data and /i maps – these lenses deliver precise metadata to help with post-production processes and VFX, optimizing workflow like never before. This includes crucial information like focus distance, aperture, and lens distortion, which are paramount in creating a seamless blend of live action and digital effects.

And it’s not just about the technology! The “Cooke Look,” a term familiar to any seasoned cinematographer, is famous for minimal colour fringing, rendering warm, smooth skin tones and an alluring bokeh that makes any frame truly cinematic. The S8/i FF lenses enable you to create sensitive and emotive images with a high degree of dimensionality, providing a signature depth and richness that can’t be replicated. 

The full frame capability of the S8/i FF lenses gives filmmakers a larger canvas to paint their narratives. This translates into wider fields of view, more details in the shadows and highlights, and the ability to produce shallower depths of field. In other words, filmmakers get more creative freedom to immerse their audiences in captivating visual experiences.

With a maximum aperture of T1.4, the S8/i FF lenses are amongst the very fastest produced for larger than Full Frame capture. They offer range flexibility from wide-angle shots to zoomed-in close-ups and excellent control over depth of field and flare characteristics, whilst still providing exceptional low light performance.

Moreover, these lenses are built to withstand the rigors of the most demanding production environments, ensuring reliability without compromising performance. Compact and light, agile and easy to handle, they have been created for a wide variety of situations and today’s digital cinema cameras. Being lighter, however, has not compromised strength, durability, or their exceptional image aesthetic.

With the rise in demand for high-resolution content, from 4K to 8K and beyond, the S8/i FF lenses stand ready to deliver, achieving the highest level of precision. Their unrivaled image quality retains the finest of details, even in the most extreme conditions, making them a future-proof investment for content creators and filmmakers.

All in all, the Cooke S8/i FF lenses are more than just tools – they are game-changers in the cinematic universe, bringing a new dimension of storytelling to life. They not only redefine the way we make films but also the way we experience them. These lenses empower filmmakers to push the boundaries of their imagination, offering a perfect blend of technological innovation and artistic expression.

So, are you ready to explore new frontiers in your filmmaking journey with the Cooke S8/i FF lenses? Because, in the words of the great Orson Welles, “A film is never really good unless the camera is an eye in the head of a poet.” And with the S8/i FF, Cooke Optics is ready to make poets out of us all!

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