March 15, 2024

Sony Burano: Pioneering In-Body Stabilization in Digital Cinema Cameras

The Sony BURANO stands out in the CineAlta range as a groundbreaking innovation, being the first digital cinema camera to feature in-body image stabilization. This key feature, combined with its exceptional image quality and compact PL-Mount design, positions the BURANO as a game-changing tool for single-camera operators and small crews.

This camera boasts the same full-frame sensor size as the Sony Venice 2, offering the versatility to switch between full-frame and Super 35 formats. Its 16 stops of dynamic range and dual base ISO of 800/3200 ensure outstanding performance in various lighting conditions. The BURANO inherits Venice’s color science, delivering natural, accurate skin tones that filmmakers love.

Designed for high-resolution filming, Sony BURANO handles everything from HD to 8K, making it a comprehensive tool for diverse shooting requirements. The camera’s image stabilization can be adjusted based on whether a PL or E mount lens is used, providing unparalleled flexibility.

In a compact package, 1.5 inches shorter and 3 pounds lighter than the Venice 2, the BURANO is designed for ergonomic efficiency. All essential menu options are placed on the operator’s side for ease of access, while audio inputs are conveniently located on the opposite side. The main body and viewfinder feature 8 assignable preset buttons, allowing for quick adjustments and personalized settings.

In essence, Sony BURANO stands out as an all-in-one solution for filmmakers seeking a blend of high-quality imaging, adaptability, and user-friendly operation.

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