February 27, 2024

Nanlux Evoke 2400B – The Future of Film Lighting

Introducing the latest flagship of the Evoke family: the Nanlux Evoke 2400B. With unparalleled brilliance and unmatched efficiency, it sets new standards for film lighting.

The Evoke 2400B offers an extended color temperature range from 2700K to 6500K and a remarkable nominal power of only 2400W. This innovative LED technology surpasses traditional 4KW HMI or 10KW Tungsten lamps by far.

Compared to traditional light sources, the Evoke 2400B offers numerous advantages. It eliminates preheating or cooling delays and provides instant illumination. Furthermore, it delivers flicker-free light for seamless and consistent lighting of your productions. The green and magenta color adjustment allows for precise color temperature control along the Planck curve to avoid unwanted color nuances.

The G/M adjustment function of the Evoke 2400B offers an unmatched level of creative freedom. With an additional G/M±80 △uv range across the entire CCT range, filmmakers have a new dimension of color control.

The robust metal construction design of the Evoke family continues with the Evoke 2400B, featuring an IP55 rating for both the lamp head and the power supply. The use of magnesium alloy results in a lighter housing than comparable lights.

With a 100% increase in nominal power compared to the Evoke 1200B, the power supply of the Evoke 2400B weighs only 1 kg/2.1 lb. The new adjustable next-generation cooling system offers four fan modes to meet various requirements.

Thanks to the new electronic contacts on the NL mount, the Evoke 2400B is compatible with all existing NL mount softboxes and a variety of other accessories.

Experience the future of film lighting with the Nanlux Evoke 2400B – exclusively at CINEPLANET. Contact us for more information and reserve your unit today.

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