February 28, 2024

Lens Marvels Reimagined: Unleashing the Power of Zeiss Super Speeds in TLS Upgraded Housings!

We’ve just received our TLS rehoused T1.3 Zeiss Super Speeds, a remarkable enhancement to our equipment. These exquisite TLS housings are equipped with internal focus, 95mm fronts, and superior close focus capability. Additionally, the original lenses with 6, 7, and 9 blade irises have been upgraded to elegant matte-finished 16-blade circular irises, significantly enhancing the bokeh effect and bringing a harmonious consistency to the entire set.

Among our collection is the extraordinary and rare 65mm T1.3, undoubtedly a standout, making our set one of the unique sets of Zeiss Super Speeds in this part of Europe.

Camera assistants are going to love this redesign, eliminating the challenges of telescoping fronts and unstable focus and iris gears that were a drawback in the original designs. These lenses are now more conducive to use with clip-on matte boxes due to their internal focus mechanism. The TLS cam focus system ensures exceptionally smooth focus adjustments, maintaining this quality even in the coldest conditions, and resolves the binding issues encountered when using a heavy matte box on the earlier models.

This was a deliberate and thoughtful choice, as these lenses continue to be among the most versatile and character-rich options available. Their ample image circle is an additional benefit, allowing for Open Gate coverage on cameras like the Alexa Mini and Alexa 35. Our aspiration is that the new housings and irises will invite filmmakers to re-explore these iconic lenses, now improved in every aspect and ready to deliver exceptional performance for decades to come.

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