March 12, 2024

GF – Mod Jib: Modular design, maximum flexibility

Introducing the GF-Mod Jib: a revolutionary modular design offering unparalleled flexibility! With the innovative play-free dove tail system, the 150, 120, and 50 cm modules seamlessly connect, allowing you to customize your jib setup from a minimum reach of 80 cm to an impressive maximum reach of 480 cm.

This Modular Jib arm boasts a maximum payload of 35 kg (77 lb), with the ability to handle up to 60 kg (132 lb) on shorter setups. The lift range spans from 52 to 609 cm (1.8 – 20 ft), accompanied by a versatile tilt angle of 54°.

Designed for optimal performance, the GF-Mod Jib is incredibly lightweight at 75 kg (165 lb), ensuring a stable yet maneuverable construction. Its Euro Adapter mount is complemented by the availability of a Mitchell Adapter for added versatility.

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