June 5, 2024


BoltX Motion Control Cinebot

Cineplanet is thrilled to announce our expansion into Cine Robotics. Our newest addition, a robotic unit – Bolt X by Mark Roberts Motion Control (MRMC) is here and ready for your new projects!

Bolt X is portable, and designed to be set-up and ready to shoot in an hour. Every camera movement is under complete control – precisely repeatable. With the longest arm reach in the industry at 3.2m, highest point at 4.3m, lowest point at -1.3m, speed on tracks of 4.2m/s, and shooting speed of 9.7 m/s, Bolt X has added a new dimension to high-speed cinematography.

Bolt X on tracks
Tracks for BoltX
BoltX training

Additionally, Bolt X can be equipped with 12 meters of tracks, that transformed its operational flexibility. This extended track setup allows the Bolt X to cover extensive ground effortlessly and enhance the dynamic range of camera movements.

Setting camera on BoltX

Since the most important part of every piece of equipment are the people operating it, our team has completed an extensive training led by Timothy Heys Cerchio, expert motion control operator and trainer. The training provided operating skills to our team members, aiming to maximize the impressive capabilities of Bolt X and was also a fun experience for everyone.

Setting BoltX
Flair, Motion Control software